Who is the Environmental Justice Fund

Providing funding, resources and support for community-based environmental justice struggles in South Africa.

Why we exist

The demand for environmental justice forms a critical part of social justice struggles across the world.

The South African Constitution recognises the right to an environment not harmful to health or wellbeing. Despite this legal protection, environmental injustice remains a key feature of ongoing systemic inequality. Grassroots communities experience the brunt of environmental harm and climate change, and are often excluded from decision-making about land and natural resources.

A vibrant and growing environmental justice movement is confronting these inequalities, and fighting to advance environmental justice and realise environmental rights, often at great risk to themselves. Community-based organisations are at the forefront of these struggles but often find it difficult to access the support they need to facilitate and sustain their work.

What we do

The Environmental Justice Fund (EJF) exists to support and strengthen community efforts to protect the environment, advance environmental rights, and respond to the climate crisis in South Africa. 


At EJF we believe that supporting those most affected by environmental inequalities to design and implement their own responses, is our best chance of reversing the tide of environmental destruction and building a more sustainable and just world.


Our objective is to strengthen the environmental justice movement in South Africa by providing funding, capacity-strengthening and networking support to community-based organisations and community networks.  In the process we are pioneering an innovative grant-making model based on participatory grant-making principles, which seeks to redefine the patterns of power inherent in philanthropy, and centre community agency, trust, accessibility, flexibility and wellbeing.


Annual Report 2022

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